Physiotherapy rates

If you are additionally insured, we will declare directly to your health insurer. FysioCity is affiliated with all Dutch health insurers. Quick appointment, quick diagnoses and quick recovery. Experience our service now.


Prevention Plan

The therapists of FysioCity not only have the expertise to remedy your injury, but also to prevent you from injuries. With a regular visit in our practice, we register where an injury is developing and help remedy it, even before you start to suffer from it.

Prevention is better

Many people only seek help when their injury is at an advanced stage. The help then focuses mainly on combating the symptoms and much less on the cause. The current zeitgeist teaches us that there’s a shift from ‘focus on illness and care’ to ‘focus on health and behaviour’. Because FysioCity believes in the principle of prevention, we would like to lead the way in this.

Optimize your vitality

Vitality stands for the positive power of healthy living. That means: being consciously concerned with your health, striving for mental fitness and participating in society in the best possible way. Vitality is a personal feeling, a result of what someone has been able to achieve. For example, by starting a healthy lifestyle and sticking to it. A strengthened vitality gives the chance to develop more healthy years.

Invest in your body

Low load capacity of the body can underlie the development or maintenance of injuries. When there is an imbalance between ‘load’ and ‘load capacity’, the most apparently simple activities can easily cause an overload. With the professional service of our therapists, unnecessary overloads are a thing of the past. We keep an eye on you and make you stronger where necessary.